Don't Get Lonesome

by Ruts and Weeds

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released April 6, 2012

Recording: Velvet Echo Studios. Provo, Utah.
Mastering: Nicholas Naioti



all rights reserved


Ruts and Weeds Provo, Utah

It's kinda like trying to play Iggy Pop on the banjo. But not really.

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Track Name: Weeds
The grass is to my shins
And the flora gone to waste
Potted roses in tins
Wilt and leave an empty space

Daisies with no white
and berries with no blue
So meet me in the shed
So we can trim a thing or two

I'll trim you

I'll start with your vines
Brushing on your cheek
Cut away all those lines
So you can take a peek
At the pruning we'll begin
On your branches and your roots
While praying we don't sin
In emptying your boots

And chip away your bark
To see the rings inside
Count the years you stood
See the secrets you confide
I'll take your better parts
And form them to my will
Carve until i have
A sculpture for my windowsill

I'll trim you

A figurine of wood
Layin in the sun
Doing what it should
Reminding me what you done
Every other day
I'll hold it in my hands
Then put it in it's place
So I can take a stand

Then the day will come
When the frost kills the weeds
I'll empty out a drum
So we can have some heat
And I'll throw you in the fire
To finalize your end
And with the rubber tires
Your flames will rise and they will bend

I'll trim you
Track Name: Muse
I-80 never looked so good
Than through the eyes of you and me.
Rollin on asphalt feels like clouds to us.
Singin our songs and drummin on dashboards
Freedom never felt so free
Than when it's beatin in the hearts
And pumping through the veins of boys like you and me.

Come on muse and teach a little truth
We're hungry for a drop of feelin to show to the world We covet no other words than those that ya give.
I'm hearing like I've never heard before.

North Dakota made a bad first impression
Couldn't see the sky for nearly a week.
A colder May I may have never known.
But it'll take more than a cloudy sky, absent friends, or lying hi-fi
To numb me up and take whats only mine.

I'm seeing like I've never seen before.


I'm hearing like I've never heard before.

Track Name: Pine
Quarter moon risin over Indiana farms
Layin on it's side in tween the stars
Frogs call me out with their lull summer sounds
They mingle with the highway cars
The night lights make a beautiful view
I've seen so many but none like you.

Fresh air wraps me up tight
I'm breathing deep for the smell
Sittin on a rock, I catch a glimpse of morning light
And a bird song, clear as a bell
The pine trees pine like me for you
I've seen so many but none like you.

It don't matter the roads in my shoes
I've seen so many but none like you.
Track Name: Frankly My Dear
I will speak slowly so that you will listen
I’ll talk clearly so that you are sure to understand
Cause I’ve destroyed my fair share of bushes
Beating around them in a one-sided romance

And if this is a game I never got the instructions
Cause I’m sure I’ve broken a rule or two
And my mouth has become quite the obstruction
A broken bridge that never got me to you

So let me explain
That when you don’t say anything
You say the most
And it’s harder to get over a ghost

And I hope the metaphor wasn’t too daunting
But I will break it down line by line
You’re the ghost and your silence has been haunting
My songs and my words, rhyme by rhyme

And if you want to know how you can fix it
Put an end to this smug, bitter tune
You got a mouth, and I suggest you open it
Grab your guns and and make sure you fire soon

So let me explain
That when you don’t say anything
You say the most
And it’s harder to get over a ghost

Let me try once more to clarify
I’m only just asking for a goodbye
Cause waiting for me to bleed is a dirty deed indeed
And I ask why, won’t you let it die
Track Name: Threes
A promise a promise, I’ll make you promise
The pains and the dramas you’ve had in the past are passed
Cause the fathers, the fathers that drew up the borders
Of Bama and Georgia were prophets so they can’t lie
That’s not their style
Cause stars stars planets and stars
Are driving in cars to align me with you
And the seasons, the seasons, the leaves and the seasons
Are giving us reasons to fall head over heels

You, you, you
Do, do, do
Something to me me me
And I can’t speak so I’ll sing in

My senses my senses are jumping the fences
Are entering trenches because they’re losing the fight
They lost their sight
My heart, My heart, my scarred heart
Is falling apart so you can fit inside
I got not place to hide

You, you, you
Do, do, do
Something to me me me
And I can’t speak so I’ll sing in

You, you, you are one
and I, I, I am two
The note, the notes, and the music, and the notes and the music make three

You, you, you
Do, do, do
Something to me me me
And I can’t speak so I’ll sing in
Track Name: Morning's Glare
Sleep brings peace and peace brings dreams in
Fly from the cage you clipped my wings in
Night is the hour we can start our healing
Underneath the stars, we'll start to form our scars

We'll shake off the shackles, the chains, and the cells
Of demons, and heart aches, and personal hell
And drink from the waters of hope and of love
Shutting out the light, holding on to night

And I'll meet you there
We'll stay 'till morning's glare

We’ll walk through the grass without any shoes on
Sing the melody of a sweet slow love song
Take off the watches cause wrists don’t need them
When you’re fast asleep, or when you walk through dreams

Find a mountain field and we’ll set our camp up
And drift from love to love as we keep our eyes shut
Lay among the braes and weeds and the deep ruts
We will find our place, In the dirt, in the grass, in the grace

And I'll meet you there
We'll stay 'till morning's glare
Track Name: Courage
There’s a light at the edge of your darkness
And it won’t move for you or me.
If you look far you will see it
But don’t start hating where you have to be.
And it will lift your drooping shoulders
And it will wipe all your tears away.
And your feet will begin your journey
Along your path, may you never stray.

Courage, courage brother
Courage everyone
Courage at your daybreak
Courage at the set of the sun

There will be pain all around you
And your test is to go on strong.
And dark days will surely surround you.
In their depths, find the words to your song.
You sing that song when the world beats you.
And when you can’t sing, just hum the sound.
And you’ll see as your eyes are opened
Fond friends and comrades all around.

Courage, courage brother
Courage everyone
Courage at your daybreak
Courage at the set of the sun
Track Name: Siren
Ocean side a mountain high
The rain tends to fall before it’s night
And the seaside gusts tend to eke out
Just what i’m thinkin

I stare out at the sea and strain
To see your ship through walls of rain
But all I find is briney sail and splinters
I feel your voice and step into the waves

Toe and foot ankle, shin
Thighs and hips you drag me in
Kiss my lips and burn my eyes and nose

The ocean wraps me in your arms
I breathe in deep breath in your warmth
I can’t help but smile as the water fills my lungs
The dark of it all seems so light

Bubbling up are all the fears
I held inside for all the years
We shared a bed, a name, and all those miles

And in the clarity of all
Through cold and dark your siren’s call
Says to fear the unknown is to fear what might be sweet

And my eyes are closin now.
And the water beds me down.
And the current pulls me down.
But the coral calms me down.

And when I open my eyes I see you.